Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Boat Insurance in New Hampshire & Beyond

Welcome to Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, your go-to independent agency located in New Hampshire! At our agency, we understand that your boat is not just a vessel but a gateway to unforgettable adventures on the water. We believe that hitting the waves should be a seamless and enjoyable experience for you. Whether you’re leisurely cruising along the picturesque coast of New Hampshire or exploring the wonders of Braun Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee, we recognize that owning a boat comes with significant responsibilities.

As a boat owner, you want to ensure that you’re fully protected from potential risks such as theft, capsizing, collisions, fire, and storms that could put a damper on your boating activities. That’s why we are here to offer you the best coverage, providing you with the peace of mind you need to indulge in worry-free boating. While you cherish the serenity of the open waters, we emphasize the importance of preparedness to safeguard your cherished adventures.

Understanding Boat Insurance Coverage in New Hampshire

Watercraft insurance, also known as boat insurance, plays a crucial role in safeguarding various types of water vessels from specific risks. Whether you own a luxurious yacht, a motorboat, or a personal watercraft, this insurance coverage steps in to provide financial protection in the event of accidents, damage, or theft. Additionally, watercraft insurance extends its coverage to protect you in case of accidental injury or property damage to others caused by your watercraft. Depending on your policy, certain parts of your boat may also be covered, ensuring comprehensive protection for your beloved watercraft.

  • Fittings
  • Hull
  • Machinery
  • Furnishings
  • Permanently attached equipment.

Facts About Boat Insurance in New Hampshire & throughout the U.S.

  • According to Statista, boating accidents in the USA are unfortunately common occurrences. 658 people died in leisure boating crashes, and 2641 were injured in non-fatal incidents across the country in 2021.
  • According to a Forbes report, 75% of all boating accidents that killed someone happened on boats where the person in charge had no boat safety instructions. Injuries happen more often—about 100 for every 100,000 licensed boats.
  • The leading causes of boat incidents and injuries include speeding, operator inattention, and boating under the influence. In 2018, operator inattention was the leading cause of boating crashes and injuries.
  • As a service of the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard is committed to protecting and keeping America safe, so it has set up many rules to keep boating safe.

Factors that Contribute To Boating Accidents & Deaths

Top 10 Boat Insurance Claims

Fires17% of fires are caused by explosions, which are caused by faulty A.C. wiring.
Wake Loss Operators are liable for their wake and any harm or injuries it can lead to.
GroundingIf you run aground, ensure no one is hurt, and then inspect for leaks.
SinkingExamine your bilge tanks and float switches if your boat is sinking.
CollisionEveryone who drives a boat is accountable for keeping it from hitting other boats.
Boat TheftEvery year, many boats are stolen, but the number is decreasing. 2016 had 5,116, while 2018 had 4,864.
Equipment TheftMark or stamp all your boat equipment with a label only you will know.
HurricaneIf you can move the boat, do so. If you can’t, defend it.
Weather-WindMake sure to check your mooring lines and gear.
Submerged Object StrikingFor most boats, it does not matter if they’ll hit something but when.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat or watercraft insurance coverage depends on the type of boat or any watercraft you have. The following are elements of a standard boat insurance policy:

CoverageWhat it covers
For You & Your BoatDamage to your boat body, furniture, motor, equipment, and trailerAgreed hull value or actual cash value.Coverage for wreck cleanup and salvageFuel spill responsibility Medical payment coverageProtection for boatersReplace new boats with new boats
For OthersDamage to another boat caused by your boat.Property damage coverageDeath of another person caused by your boat.Coverages that are not required
Optional CoverageDisappearing deductiblesFishing equipment coverageIce/freeze coveragePersonal property coverageTowing choices on and off the water

Best Boat Insurance Companies in New Hampshire?

Below are our top picks of boat insurance companies in New Hampshire & many other states. At Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, we represent the best boat insurance carriers below & can find the most competitive boat insurance options for you:

  1. Safeco Insurance
  2. American Modern
  3. Progressive
  4. Foremost
  5. Chubb

Our Top Boat Insurance Companies

1. Safeco Insurance

Safeco has been a premier property & casualty insurance company nationwide since 1923. They work exclusively with local independent agents (like us) & specialize in home, auto, umbrella & specialty lines (boat, motorcycle, personal watercraft, etc.). Safeco is now part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, which has allowed them to expand their network with better coverage and pricing across the country.

Why is Safeco one of the Best Boat Insurance Companies in N.H.?

We’ve been working with Safeco for almost 20 years now & they’ve consistently been one of our top insurance carriers for all those years. With Safeco boat insurance, your boat is covered both when it is in the water and when it is on land. Standard boat insurance from Safeco includes, up to your policy limits:

CoverageWhat it covers
Liability  Liability insurance might help pay for their medical bills and expenses if someone gets injured on your boat.
Physical Damage  Suppose a protected loss damages your boat or other vehicle, its motor, or any connected equipment. Your insurance policy may help pay for the repairs or replacements in that case.
Things You Own  With Safeco Insurance, your property, like fishing poles, safety gear, and water skis, is covered up to an agreed-upon amount.
Your SurroundingsIf your boat is hurt by something covered by your coverage within 75 miles of the U.S. coast, it is still covered.
Fuel Spills & Wrecks RemovalThe plans of Safeco cover the costs of cleaning up fuel spills and getting rid of damage.
Agreed Value for All LosesYou and Safeco will agree on the value of your boat or other watercraft when you buy a boat insurance policy. After a protected total loss or theft, Safeco will pay this amount. So, there is no problematic method for figuring out how much your boat was worth when it was lost.

How to Get a Quote?

Safeco works exclusively with select independent insurance agencies like ours at Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance. Just reach out to our team at Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance & we’ll see if Safety is a good fit for you & your home. 

2. American Modern

Whether on the water every weekend or during the summer holidays, the American Modern Boat program gives you far more than the basics. AMIG insurance program accepts most watercraft less than 27 feet long and works better for bigger boats. Personal boats like JetSki® and WaveRunner® are also allowed.

Why is American Modern one of the Best Boat Insurance Companies in N.H.?

American Modern has a reputation for having the best claims service in the industry, especially in New Hampshire where we’ve seen firsthand how they service & settle claims professionally.

If you want an accepted value or replacement cost settlement, there might be better ways to get insurance than adding your boat to your home’s policy. This boat insurance program gives you separate liability coverage, higher amounts, and many other options. These include emergency help, security from boats that aren’t insured or covered enough, coverage for lost fishing gear, and more. Your agent can tell you how you can tailor your safety. 

Boats AMIG coverCoverage it provides

How to Get a Quote?

American Modern works exclusively with select independent insurance agencies like ours at Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance. Just reach out to our team at Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance & we’ll see if Safety is a good fit for you & your home.

Number of People Killed & Injured at Recreational Boating Accidents in the USA


What Boat Insurance Do I Need?

Finding the perfect boat insurance for your needs doesn’t have to be complicated. It depends on factors like the type of boat you own, how you use it, and your specific requirements. Our experienced team is here to assist you in tailoring a customized insurance plan that suits you best.

Is Obtaining Insurance for a Boat Challenging?

Getting insurance for your boat shouldn’t be a hassle. When you partner with Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, an independent agency, you gain access to a variety of insurance companies and plans perfectly suited to your needs.

How Much is Boat Insurance?

We understand the importance of protecting your boat or watercraft, especially if you reside in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts or Connecticut. Our boat insurance policies come with competitive rates and flexible deductible options, making it easy to find coverage that fits your budget.

Why Choose Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance for Your Boat Insurance Needs?

At Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, we’ve been helping our clients insure their boats in New Hampshire and throughout New England for nearly 20 years. We represent many different insurance companies when it comes to these specialized policies. 

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