Mike Chung

Favorite Quote: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” –Albert Einstein
Favorite Book: Nonfiction: Confessions of a Sociopath. Fiction: Lord of the flies 
Favorite Movie: A Bronx tale, The Godfather
Favorite Pet: I had a dog once (a Vizsla) – his name was “Fitz” 


Contact Information:


Mike has been with Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance since 2021, finding immense satisfaction not only in the job itself but also in the exceptional work culture and ethics fostered within the agency. He is the Renaissance Man of our team. Before working for PAI, Mike's work experience spanned across many industries, from Investments to Airbnb to Uber to American Express. He's a dependable go-to, a wellspring of knowledge (undefeatable in trivia!), and is always lending a hand.

Mike has seamlessly integrated into the family and feels a strong sense of belonging, thanks to the welcoming and supportive nature of his colleagues. We've created an environment akin to a family. In addition to his professional pursuits, Mike maintains personal goals that he continually strives to achieve. His ongoing endeavors include saving money to purchase a house in the Philippines, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, and giving back to his community by actively participating in volunteer projects and offering assistance in any way he can.

When it comes to hobbies, Mike indulges in various interests. His passion for travel predominantly revolves around spending quality time with his family. During his leisure hours, he finds enjoyment in reading, binge-watching TV shows, socializing with friends and relatives, building and repairing gaming rigs and computers, engaging in video games, airsoft, board games, basketball, and playing musical instruments such as the guitar and drums. Additionally, he cherishes the outdoors, often capturing captivating moments through his photography.