Dyan Martinez

Favorite Quote:  “Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable.”
Favorite Book or Movie:
Primal Fear

Contact Information:


Dyan became a part of our Portsmouth Atlantic team back in 2019, bringing over a decade of valuable customer service experience with her. She's exceptionally skilled at handling customer support, even in fast-paced, busy situations, and she's known for her excellent phone manners.

Outside of work, Dyan enjoys a range of hobbies, including cooking, family movie nights, reading, and exploring the internet. She's also a fan of healthy living, embracing low-carb diets and intermittent fasting, which have had a positive impact on her health. Dyan's commitment to wellness has even influenced her husband to adopt a similar lifestyle.

Within our team, Dyan is a true asset. Her expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for clients make her an invaluable team member. Her positivity and constant smile are infectious and contribute to a great work atmosphere. We feel fortunate to have Dyan as an integral part of our team.