Sharing Posts to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

While it may appear deceptively simple, sharing your peers’ social media content can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. Regardless of whether individuals are posting, commenting, sharing, or just simply lurking, most of us find ourselves scrolling through Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis.

In the realm of real estate, progress can be slow. It often takes a considerable amount of time before you close your first transaction, which can make it challenging to determine what to post when you’re just starting out.

We also understand that when venturing into the world of real estate, whether you’re a lender, realtor, insurance agent, title company representative, inspector, or any other role, it’s crucial to establish your presence in the industry. And what better way to achieve this than through social media?

However, sharing your peers’ posts isn’t solely beneficial for newcomers to the business. It can also enhance the image of seasoned professionals, portraying them as well-connected experts within the industry.

There are many reasons to share your peers’ social media content. We’ve listed a few below: 

1. Client Awareness:

As I mentioned earlier, informing others about your involvement in the real estate industry constitutes half the battle. If you’re short on your own content to share, sharing your peers’ posts is a fantastic way to showcase active engagement. Sharing open houses, listings, or posts about properties under contract from other realtors not only demonstrates your strong connections but also communicates your commitment to the business  to your friends and family. You might question whether it’s peculiar to share another person’s business, which leads me to my next point.

2. Enhanced Peer Reputation:

Fellow realtors greatly appreciate it when you share their content for various reasons. By disseminating information about other realtors’ open houses and listings, you attract potential buyers to their properties, simplifying their sales process by exposing the listings to a broader audience. 

Additionally, sharing their content positions them as authoritative figures within the industry when other professionals endorse their content. If you’re hesitant about sharing someone else’s content, consider sending them a quick message to request permission; most people will gladly oblige. 

Sharing other agents’ posts is also an excellent strategy for establishing valuable agent connections. Fostering positive relationships among your peers is crucial, as they are on the other side of your transactions. Ultimately, ensuring all parties are satisfied, including your co-brokers, contributes to an optimal home-buying experience. Building a robust network among your peers is also a fantastic way to increase your visibility in the industry, which leads us to the next point.

3. Reciprocity:

When you assist other agents by sharing their content, they are more likely to reciprocate by sharing yours. While you shouldn’t expect this, it’s a common practice within the industry. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional with decades of experience, who wouldn’t appreciate having their name circulated among their peers’ networks? 

4. Diversification of Your Content:

There are days when generating original content can be challenging or when you simply feel uninspired. On such occasions, why not share someone else’s content? It requires minimal effort—just a click of the share button. It’s a refreshing way to diversify your content with little to no additional thought. You don’t even need to incorporate it into your feed; you can share it in your story or add it to your page’s highlights.

In conclusion, there are numerous advantages to sharing other people’s content. It presents you as an industry expert who is well-connected and associated with other industry leaders. It benefits your peers by increasing their exposure and bolstering their reputation with clients. Furthermore, it conveys your willingness to collaborate and work harmoniously with others. It’s an excellent strategy for raising your profile within the industry. And finally, it’s a convenient option for those times when you prefer not to create your own content. Sharing other people’s content is effortless and yields many benefits.

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