10 Must-Know Tips Before Buying Mobile Home Insurance in New Hampshire – Straight from a licensed insurance agent.


Hey there! If you’re in New Hampshire and considering mobile home insurance, congratulations! You’ve landed in the right spot. At Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, our seasoned agents have assisted numerous clients, and I’m here to share some of that wisdom with you. The beautiful Granite State, with its picturesque landscapes, has its unique challenges and considerations, especially for mobile home owners.

Mobile Home Insurance: Why It Matters

Mobile homes, despite their name, aren’t always mobile. Many are permanently situated in a spot for years or even decades. No matter the duration, like any other home, they’re susceptible to damage from natural disasters, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances. Given the considerable investment that goes into buying and maintaining a mobile home, it’s vital to ensure it’s protected.

II. Dive into Mobile Home Insurance Basics

  1. Understanding Different Mobile Home Insurance Coverages
    • Physical Damage Coverage: This is your primary line of defense. From damages due to fires that can be caused by faulty wiring or a neglected stove to the aftermath of a hailstorm, this coverage is paramount. Not to mention other potential hazards like falling trees or other unexpected events.
    • Personal Liability: This is less about your property and more about people. Accidents, unfortunately, do happen. Imagine a scenario where a guest slips on an icy patch on your steps. Or perhaps, your dog decides to take a playful yet aggressive bite. These situations can lead to potential lawsuits, and personal liability coverage can be a lifesaver.
    • Trip Collision: For those who embrace the ‘mobile’ in mobile home and decide to relocate, this is crucial. It protects your home while it’s being transported from one location to another. Given the risks associated with moving such a large structure on highways and roads, this coverage can offer peace of mind.

III. Brace for New Hampshire’s Weather

New Hampshire boasts a full spectrum of seasons, from beautiful but potentially damaging winters to summers that can bring their own set of challenges.

  1. The Reality of Snow: The winters here can be breathtaking but also harsh. Snow, while a beautiful sight, can accumulate, causing potential strain on your mobile home’s roof. And let’s not forget about ice dams, which can lead to leaks and water damage.
  2. The Unexpected Floods: With many mobile homes positioned close to lakes and rivers to capitalize on scenic views, the risk of flooding increases. Even if you’re not near a water body, heavy rainfall can cause localized flooding, potentially damaging your home’s foundation or interiors.  At Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance, we represent several flood insurance companies that will cover floods for mobile & manufactured homes. 

IV. The New Hampshire Rulebook

Like any state, New Hampshire has specific guidelines tailored for its residents.

  1. State-specific Regulations: New Hampshire might have certain stipulations regarding the minimum coverage required or specific additions based on regional concerns. Being compliant isn’t just about following the law; it’s about ensuring you’re adequately protected.

V. Deciphering Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

It’s pivotal to comprehend these concepts as they determine the amount you could receive if you made a claim.

  1. Replacement Cost: Think of it this way – if a disaster struck and you needed to replace your mobile home, this coverage ensures you get the full current market value without factoring in depreciation.
  2. Actual Cash Value: Here, depreciation comes into play. For older mobile homes, this might mean a lower payout, which could influence your decision on a new purchase or repairs.

VI. Bundle and Save

It’s not just a catchy phrase; it’s sound advice. Merging your car insurance with your mobile home policy or even adding a life insurance policy can lead to significant savings. Plus, there’s the added convenience of managing all your policies under one roof.

VII. Regularly Review Your Mobile Home Policy

Our lives aren’t static. We buy new items, make upgrades to our homes, and face changing circumstances.

  1. Annual Check-ins: Dedicate time yearly, perhaps around a significant date like an anniversary or the New Year, to review your policy. Ensure your coverage mirrors the current state of your mobile home and its contents.

VIII. Understanding Deductibles

Your deductible is the out-of-pocket amount you agree to pay if you make a claim. It’s a delicate balance, and here’s why:

  1. High Deductible: While this might mean lower monthly premiums, it also means shelling out more if you ever need to make a claim.
  2. Low Deductible: It’s the opposite. Higher monthly premiums, but if the unforeseen happens, your out-of-pocket cost is lower.

IX. Don’t Miss Out on Discounts

Insurance providers appreciate responsible owners.

  1. Safety Measures: Installing a security system, smoke detectors, or even storm shutters can fetch you discounts. It’s a win-win – you bolster your home’s safety and save money.

X. Safety First!

Beyond insurance, proactive steps can prevent potential claims.

  1. Regular Maintenance: Inspect your home’s structure, plumbing, and electrical systems. Regular maintenance can prevent major disasters.

XI. Always Read the Fine Print

Every policy comes with exclusions. These are specific situations or damages that your insurance won’t cover. Familiarizing yourself prevents future surprises.  You can always ask your insurance agent for a copy of your policy which will list out several exclusions in detail.

XII. Wrapping Up

Navigating mobile home insurance in New Hampshire can seem intricate. But, armed with knowledge and the right partner, it becomes manageable. Your mobile home is more than just a structure; it’s where memories are made.

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