Insurance claims may or can be overwhelming and you may not be sure what to do.
Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance is here and can direct you on the right path.

Step 1: Call

If you're involved in an accident where bodily injury occurs or severe damage is done to your home, contact your insurance carrier immediately (Carriers claims numbers below).

All other claims please call & consult with us. We'll put all your options on the table and we'll help to inform you in the right direction. It is strongly recommended that you take this step because every insurance carrier handles claims differently.



If the decided course of action is to file your claim, you should contact with your respective carrier representative. Below we have a list of all the claims departments for each carrier.  Simply click on a logo to see the contact information.  If you are unsure about which carrier you have your policy with, please contact us and we will look up the policy number.

Step 3: Gather Information

No claim is ever the same. Be prepared to describe and answer several questions involving the incident. Each companies claim divisions will walk you through what needs to be done.


Depending on the type of claim and what it involves, your insurance carrier will walk you through the steps to take care of you and your family.


You can count on us and our carriers to continue to be there for you.