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Warning Signs that a Roof Needs Repairs

By April 5, 2013April 16th, 2019No Comments


Roof failure can result in water damage to the rest of a home and its contents. So, an “ounce of prevention” is worth many “pounds of cure” when it comes to properly maintaining and repairing a roof. Here are six signs of potential roof trouble. 

  • A spongy feel underfoot is a clear warning sign that the decking is getting wet.
  • Cracks, breaks, peeling, and loss of grains on asphalt shingles are evidence that they are nearing the end of their effective life. Because moss or mold growth is more of an aesthetic concern, avoid scrubbing or power washing which will only damage the shingles.
  • Water stains suggest a slope problem and possible decking failure.
  • Puddles in the gutter indicate that the slope is too shallow and will not drain well. That can lead to a plugged downspout.
  • Loose flashing around a vent stack, chimney or skylight makes it easy for water to slip under the shingles and into the decking.
  • Gaps in the soffit or fascia are an open door for wasps, bees, bats or squirrels looking to build a nest, damaging the roof from the inside.

Roof maintenance is very important. Insurance doesn’t always cover damage caused by lack of maintenance. And remember, when it comes to getting up on a roof, it’s best to get help from a roofing professional for safety and quality reasons.