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Important Pool Safety Equipment

By May 21, 2013April 16th, 2019No Comments

Spring has finally arrived, and we are getting our pools cleaned up and filled for a Memorial Day weekend opening. May is National Water Safety Month, an appropriate time to remind all pool-owning customers that safety and unsupervised access start with physical barriers. 

  • Surround the pool with a fence. It should be high enough to discourage fence-hopping by the neighborhood kids, and equipped with a locking gate.
  • Cover the pool. Covers do more than keep out debris. A safety cover stretching across the full surface helps prevent small kids and animals from falling in the water. However, a cover is not a substitute for a fence.
  • Install alarms. The pool gate should set off an alarm if the gate is opened or jumped, and water motion sensors will sound an alert if someone falls into the pool.
  • Other pool safety resources. Physical barriers are just one aspect of pool safety. We encourage you to follow the best practices for pool use recommended by these experts: 
    The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals & The Red Cross